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Geographic and Political History of Mecklenburg

History of Gemeinde Brunow

History of the Villages of Gemeinde Brunow, Karl-Heinz Steinbruch

Geschichte der Dörfer Gemeinde Brunow, Karl-Heinz Steinbruch

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Gemeinde Brunow - Gold Medal Winner

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Brunow Fire Department

Youth Circus Weekend

Brunower Bauernmarkt

Christmas Eve Nativity Performance - 2004

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Picture of Brunow Church Picture of Meadow in Brunow Picture of Brunow village sign on Löcknitzer Strasse Picture of combine harvesting grain at Brunow Picture of Brunow Church Tower January 2003
Picture of tree lined road near Bauerkuhl Picture of Bauerkuhl village sign Picture of building in Bauerkuhl Picture of buildings in Bauerkuhl Picture of field near Bauerkuhl
Picture of Klüß village entry sign Picture of Church at Klüß with village pond Picture of cobble-stone Dorfstraße in the direction of Dambeck Picture of Klüß Dorfstraße in direction of Neuhausen Picture of Klüß war memorial
Picture of storks nest in Brunow Picture of road from Brunow to Klüß Picture of cows in cow barn Picture of wind turbines from the road from Brunow to Klüß Picture of building in Brunow
Pictures courtesy of Gesine Page and Bürgermeisterin Heike Bartczak
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