Gemeinde Brunow
History of the Villages of Gemeinde Brunow
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written by Karl-Heinz Steinbruch M.A.


Part 1 - History of the village Brunow

Part 2 - History of the village Bauerkuhl

Part 3 - History of the village Kl

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The existence of temporary settlements in western Mecklenburg since the Stone Age can easily be proven based upon discovered remnants. In the course of migration of the peoples at the beginning of our time, however, the Germanic tribes moved away. Later, Slavic tribes from the East moved into the deserted area and settled the land. Since writing was unknown to the Slavs no documentation of their time exists.

In the course of German eastward expansion attempts were begun to convert the Slavic tribes to Christianity. As the Slavic region was successfully conquered militarily it was secularly and spiritually integrated into the realm of German rule. Beginning in the year 1160 farmers and craftsmen followed the conquerors from the western part of the realm to create settlements along side the existing Slavic settlements. Through the creation of administrative documents of the new masters, these settlements became, in the course of time, the object of documents and they were mentioned for the first time.

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