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Gemeinde Brunow gets a new fire truck

The time had come for Gemeinde Brunow to replace its fire truck. The current Ford fire truck was 35 years old and, according to fire chief Lutz Lenthe, had to be replaced. The truck was received used after the "Wende" (the collapse of the East German government) from a sponsor fire department in Farhrenkrug in Kreis (county) Segeberg, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein for a token payment of one Deutsche Mark. According to Lenthe the truck had become so worn out that it would be useless to submit it to the required rigorous TÜV German vehicle inspection process. It was obvious that it could not pass.

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Picture of old fire engine

The old fire engine on a mission
15 July 2003

After much persistence fire chief Lutz Lenthe convinced the Brunow council of the importance of the investment in a new truck. A new truck (see pictures at right and below) was officially transferred to the Brunow Feuerwehtr at a cememony held on January 24, 2004.

The new vehicle, produced by Albert Ziegler GmbH and Co KG, is a Ziegler TSF-W. It is built on a Mercedes Benz 614 D double cab chassis. It carries a portable water pump, an extra high pressure rolled firehose and has a water tank with a capacity of 750 liters.

Picture of new Fire Engine

The new fire engine
24 January 2004

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Picture of new Fire Engine Picture of new Fire Engine Picture of new Fire Engine

    Tragkraftspritzenfahrzueg TSF-W
    Doppelkabine MB 614 D - 100 KW
    Löschwassertank: 750 liter

Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony
Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony clear image Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony clear image Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony
clear image
Pictures from the fire engine transfer ceremony (24 January 2004)
Picture from fire engine transfer cermemony
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Members of the "Jugendwehr" in their formal uniforms
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In addition to a new truck, the Gemeinde will need a new firehouse. The current building which is thought to have been built in 1936 is only 20 square meters in size, and is barely large enough to accommodate the current small truck. The new truck will require a larger building, and the department would like to include a meeting room and septic system.

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Picture of firehouse in Brunow

The old fire engine and firehouse in Brunow

About the Feuerwehr

The Feuerwehr or fire department, which was formed in 1936, serves the villages of the Gemeinde Brunow community. It is a volunteer fire department having 57 members, of which 24 are considered to be active. In addition to fighting small fires and house fires the department performs other community services. Among other activities, they were active in assisting with flood control during the 2003 floods in Germany. The department also has a "Jugendwehr" which is a youth organization for 15 to 18 year olds. The youths compete for the honor of serving in the "Jugendwehr". The fire department members also meet once a month for training sessions.

The department is assisted by fire departments of the neighboring municipalities of Zierzow and Grabow.


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  • Photos courtesy of Gesine Page
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