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Picture of building in Brunow

Photo courtesy of Bürgermeisterin Heike Bartczak

Physical Description

The village of Brunow is round in shape. Brunow's Evangelical church stands in the middle of the village. A street called "Ringstraße" circles through the village.

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The population of Gemeinde Brunow at the time of this writing (2002) is 436 persons.

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Location Males Female Total
Brunow 127 132 259
Bauerkuhl 10 11 21
Klüß 81 75 156
Total 218 218 436

Rural Character

According to Til Backhaus, Minister for Nutrition, Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 85 percent of Mecklenburg/Vorpommern is rural. Two-thirds of the 1.8 million inhabitants of Mecklenburg live in rural areas, 50 percent live in villages of less than 500 people.

Even though Gemeinde Brunow has modernized itself though assistance from the federal program for redevelopment of rural villages, it has retained its character as an agrarian community.

Today, the farmland is no longer owned by the State, as it was in the time of the GDR. It is now privately owned. Farmers of the area have formed an agricultural co-op which in 1996 built a new 400 milk-cow barn. Some of the crops raised are: potatoes, corn , barley and rape seed.

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Cows in cow barn

Cow barn built in 1996
Photo courtesy of Bürgermeisterin Heike Bartczak

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Picture of barley field on Löcknitzer Strasse

Barley field on Löcknitzer Strasse
Photo courtesy of Gesine Page

Picture of combine harvesting grain at Brunow

Grain being harvested by combine
Photo courtesy of Gesine Page

Picture of straw bales after the harvest at Brunow

Straw bales after the harvest
Photo courtesy of Gesine Page


Unlike other areas of the former GDR, Gemeinde Brunow has lower than average unemployment. Although agriculture is the primary activity of the area, it is not the primary source of employment for the residents. Some other employers in Gemeinde-Brunow are a pair of construction firms and a roofer. Many residents commute to the larger cities of Grabow and Ludwigslust for employment.

The People of Gemeinde-Brunow

While Gemeinde-Brunow retains its old Mecklenburger physical character, the real character of the village is formed by its people.

  • A close-knit group - The people of Gemeinde Brunow are a much like a large family, with each person helping his friends and neighbors when they need a hand.
  • A Religious people - A high percentage of the residents of Brunow (approximately 90 percent) are members of the Brunow Evangelical church. In addition, in 1995 a new church was built in Klüß. It was the first new church to be built in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern after the fall of the GDR. Clear image

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    Picture of church services on June 2003 Clear image Picture of church services 01 June 2003

    Church services 01 June 2003 in the church garden under the chestnut tree
    Photos courtesy of Gesine Page

  • Youthful leadership - The youthful leaders of the Gemeinde have shown their character in their determination and enthusiasm in working towards winning the "Unser Dorf soll Schöner werden - Unser Dorf hat Zukunft" competition.
  • Social groups - One of the major social organizations of Gemeinde Brunow is the "Landfrauen". The Landfrauen are a group of about 30 women in the who participate together in several activities. Members participate in such activities as choral singing, attending sporting events and hiking. One important contribution of the Landfrauen is promotion of traditional values. Among the traditions that they help to carry on are cooking plums, baking Platenkuchen and binding harvest crowns.
  • Celebrations of Life - Each Fall the residents celebrate the harvest through a Harvest Festival Clear image

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    Preparations for Harvest Festival parade Clear image Harvest Festival parade Clear image Equestrians in Harvest Festival parade

    Scenes from Harvest Festival (Erntefest) Parade
    Photos courtesy of Bürgermeisterin Heike Bartczak

    Clear image Clear image
  • Dedication to the Future - The leaders of the community strive to provide a solid future for their children. Some examples of their dedication to the future are:

    The establishment of a kindergarten in Klüß.

    The provision of youth activities. Activities such as training for dressage and show jumping, youth dancing groups and afternoon handicrafts are made available for the youth of the village to channel their energies. Clear image

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    Picture of Kinderfest on 4.Juni 2003 Clear image Picture of Sportfest of Gemeinde Brunow on 5 July 2003

    Kinderfest 4 June 2003 Clear image Sportfest 5 July 2003
    Photos courtesy of Gesine Page


The following poem written by Ulrike Page of Brunow (who was 12 years old at the time) gives an insight into the character of the village and the love of the residents for their village.


Mein Dorf by Ulrike Page

Brunow, heißt unser Dorf
Es ist klein.
Alle kennen sich in unserem Dorf.
Es ist fein.
Nur nette Leute gibt es in unserem Dorf
Jeder mag es hier.
Neugierige gibt es in unserem Dorf
Und doch gefällt es mir.

Wir haben eine Kirche in unserem Dorf.
Sie ist schmal.
Und ein Klubraum ist in unserem Dorf.
Es ist ein kleiner Saal.
Es gibt einen Laden in unserem Dorf.
Er ist nicht sehr groß.
Und zwei Reiterhöfe.
Wie famos!

Einen Kindergarten gibt is in unserem Dorf.
Wie toll!
Und ein Kuhstall ist bei unserem Dorf.
Ganz voll!
Ich liebe unser Dorf
Es ist einfach schön.
Ich bleibe in diesem Dorf
Nein ich möchte bestimmt nich weggehen.


My village by Ulrike Page

Brunow, our village is called
It is small.
Everyone knows everyone in our village.
It is fine.
There are only nice people in our village
Everyone likes it here.
There is curiosity in our village
And it pleases me.

We have a church in our village.
It is narrow.
And a club room is in our village.
It is a small hall.
There is a store in our village.
It is not very large.
And two equestrian farms.
How splendid!

There is a Kindergarten in our village.
How fantastic.
And a cattle shed is near our village
Completely full!
I love our village
It is simply beautiful.
I remain in this village.
No, I would certainly not like to leave.


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